1.  What is Let’s Make Room?

Soul City Church is committed to making more room for God to move in our Church.  This includes the expansion and development of our current space at 1130 W. Adams to make room for more people, better experiences, and bigger movements of God in the city.


2.  How does it work?

It’s simple – you can donate electronically here or mail/bring a physical check to Soul City.  Your gift will go into the fund designated for Let’s Make Room Improvements.


3.  Is my gift tax-deductible?

Absolutely!  Like any gift given to Soul City Church your gift to Let’s Make Room is tax-deductible.


4.  What will you guys be doing with the money?

Please visit this page for more detail on specific projects.


5.  What happens if you raise more than the $250,000 goal?

Then we praise God!  Our goal at Soul City is to be wise and responsible financial stewards.  If we raise more than the $250,000 we will set that money aside to make additional improvements and room as opportunities arise.


6.  Can I talk to someone if I have questions about this?

Absolutely!  Please email letsmakeroom@soulcitychurch.com if you have any other specific questions


7. Do people still read F.A.Q.’s?

Only truly great people…like you!